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iklann [Jul. 8th, 2008|07:50 pm]
HEY! if u wanna buy ur fren acessories for present. feel free to visiit  

dey hv sucha uniquee and adorablee kind of acessoriess!
i can help u out to order d stuff. =D

here it goes one of d example,
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(no subject) [Jul. 8th, 2008|07:25 pm]
ohh noo! im totally brokeee. spent d weekends shopping BAGSS and presentS for my frendss. hahha.
why evrythin is so tempting to mee noww!! T_____________T.
i still wann to buyy another bag... perhaps, necklacee andd bracelett tooo! OHEMJEE! huhuu.
okay. calm down tash! hahha. hv to wait till my mom comee firstt. xp
went to seoul gardenn ytdd. yummyy. d last tym i wen there is about 5 months i guess.. so kinda enjoyy my self dis tym roundd! HAHAHHAH!
thx saboonn for d treeatt! =D

heyy! my bdaee is comin too anywayy! HAHAHHAH! shuld be excited as im gonna be 17! =D.
celebrating berfdaee is gudd. as u can gatherr wif ur frenss and getting presentssssss! HAHAHHAHAHHA! i wish IF im getting presents from my frenss, ill get those stuff which in my wishlist now! =D well, u might get surprisee partyy as well! hahha. dats d interesting partt! =D
i shall end wif d neos we took d other dayyy! =D

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ORAL [Jul. 1st, 2008|12:09 am]

i managed to did my english oral SMOOTHLYYY! HAHAHAH! fyi, i was really bad at picts disscussion and conversation, but tday, i managed to talked fluently *AS I HD NVR SUCEED on it* and giv them all d explanation dat comes to my mind on the spot! HAHAHHAH! THX to my buddies who teached and give me tips bout oral durin d dance practice on sundayy! HEY DWI AND CHISEY! HAHAHAH! without u guys, i might ends up failin for sureeeeee! *well u guys noe my standard aitt! HAHAH! so poorly donee!* xp

d picts discussion was about a swimming class which programmed only for the middle aged people and senior citizens. THX to sabon dat told me bout her malay oral exam on fri, which her conversation were about sports dat she likes. AND BCOS OF DATT, iwas lyk get inspired and preparing d answers for that question . as it MIGHT COMEOUT AS WELL! and luckily, i was lyk, choosin swimmin for my fav sports which means i was looking for vocabs and answers for d conve. HAHAHHAAH! THX GOD!

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frens are precious! [Jun. 15th, 2008|08:33 pm]
[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]

have u ever stay over at  ur fren housee?                                                                                                          
how do u feel?
was it fun?
wad did u guys do?

weeks ago, i stayed over at my fren housee! IT WASS DEFINITELY FUUUNN!  we weree watching movies, JANUARISM *INDO IDOL* hahahha!, taking photos, and GOSSIPING arounnd! hahaha. chatting around with ur gud frens, makes u feel gudd, dont u? i likee dis kindd of thing. it makes d frenshipp bcoming closer and closerr! OHH! it's a good way of making frenss though! FRENSS AREE GREAT! <3

shuld i upload d photos?

and talkin bout frens, in lyf, der are "bad" and "guuud" frenns. wad i mean by bad is those who makes frens wif ya bcos dey wan sumthin from ya!, taking advantagee, andd other kind of things *u tell me!*.  and d guuud one ofcoursee it's ur TRUEE FRENSS! *YAHUUU!* hahhaa. those who are always supports u, and be there when u need demm! and OBVIOUSLYY true frens wont BACKSTAB andd betraayy uu! ohhhh, i hatee betrayers. dey make me sick! and perhaps, i prefer to sayy straightt at their facee " not to go near mee, if u only wanna betrayy me!" it's wad d indonesians called TEMEN MAKAN TEMENN! ohhh! how can sucha creature be madeee in dis worldd! xp.
well, i get pissed off by somee of my frens last last lastt dayss agoo. hehe

why don u share wif mee ur bad or  even gudd experiencee wif ur frenns? i wuld lyk to listenn! =D

and here goes my statement to end dis post
TRUE FRENSS ARE TRULY HARDD TO GET! *are u agree wif mee?* =D

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HOLS BEYBEHH! =D [Jun. 12th, 2008|11:56 pm]
WOHOOOO! d nerdyy is BACK! hahaha.
it's alreadyy two weeks from d first day of SCHOOL HOLIDAAYY! YAHUUUUUUU! hahhaa..
 but sadly i culdnt hv d chancee to go backk indooonn! T__________T. pitty me? yes yes, u shuld!

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lets dance! [Mar. 12th, 2008|06:41 pm]
heyy readers! *lyk ive anyy?* hehe.
howve u been?
for me, kinda busy lately. thx to d school works!! but heyy, who cares bout school stuff now? sincee were havin one week break noww! *letss make somee noisee!* mwahaha..

but still, im havin chem remedial on fri, and hav task analysis and decision making of the coursework to be donee! oh pleasseee! fn is soo harddddd!*cant denyy anymore* andd now im soo jealouse to thosee people whoo drop fn! shuld i drop it too? ivee noo ideaa. x(

enaff talkin bout school, and lets talk boutt dancingg!
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(no subject) [Jan. 5th, 2008|10:00 pm]
[Current Location |in front of compie.]
[Current Mood |touchedtouched]

although it's a bit too latee, but still i wanna sayy,
HEPPY NEW YEARR 08 evryonee!
did u celebrate it?
i made a resolution for dis year. i wanna be NUMB 1! i mean it. i wanna be d best in my class. wanna score 3 points for Nlevels. wanna get d highest marks in evry subject. is it too much?  so don u be shock to hear dat im studying on weekends and stuff. im soo goin to be a goodiee dis tym! mwehehhee..
wad about ur resolutionn?
oh well, i hopee dat we can fulfil our resolution ya! x)
fighting peopless!
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welcome msg [Dec. 30th, 2007|08:34 pm]
[Current Location |bedroom!]
[Current Mood |excitedexcited]

wohooo! finally, i make an account ! getting bored wif blogspot, and decided to moved heree..!

im so goinn to updatee laterr on..

janaa! x)

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